Vikings, Dinos and Stella, Oh My!!

Welcome!!  This first post has been a long time in the works!  Well, maybe not this exact post,  we just have so much we want to share we couldn't decide where to start.   We (all of us at Fabric Anthropology) are so excited to welcome you to our new home for all things fabric, favorite patterns, sew alongs, tutorials and any other little thing your sewing heart desires!  

To get us started, I wanted to share an amazing pattern that released a few weeks ago.  If you haven't had a chance to pick this up yet, you MUST add it to your list!  The Stella Pullover from Halla Patterns.  You might never need another womens top pattern again  (although, let's be honest, we're all pattern addicts, haha AND there might even be a discount if you hang out til the end so how can you resist?!) 

The Stella boasts so many options, it was easiest to just share this little graphic from the pattern.  It's been awhile since i've taken stats and algebra but if I figured this right, there's like 1800 different combinations that you could make!!  Now, pick your jaw up off the floor and back to following along! 

For this version I went with the regular length, banded waist, slash cowl, scoop pockets and long cuffed sleeves. Catch all that?   I really love that the pocket is functional without adding any bulk to the midsection, because let's be honest, no one wants that, right?! 


Now that you hopefully have a new pattern on your list, how about some new fabric to go with it??  This amazing Vikings panel and print are available for preorder starting today!!   And while i'm excited about Vikings, my little guy is over the moon for these Dinos!  This is the minky blanket topper, holy trucks! its so soft!!!   You won't want to miss out on ordering from this round, thats for sure!   

Last but not least, to get this blog kicked off right and thank you for sticking with me today we have a discount and little giveaway!  If you'd like to pick up Stella (or any of the Halla Patterns) you can use code FABRICANTHROPOLOGY at to take advantage of 20% off!  

That's not all though...for a chance to win a pattern of your choice from Halla Patterns AND fabric pack from Fabric Anthropology just drop a comment letting us know what you're most interested in seeing from us in the upcoming months, or maybe which of these new Vikings fabrics is your favorite.  (Drawing will take place on 2/21 at 10pm, and winner will be notified by email and also announced on the blog) 



could you please offer custom printed fabrics


I love all your fabrics! I am older and love bright colors but my gkids still think I need to dress like a Gma. So fun stuff for ol hippie gmas.


I just got finished putting in my order for Dino! When the husband says take my money when you send him pics he doesn’t need to know how much money right? I am loving the watercolor effect of all your fabrics so I’m not picky I just want more!

Allisa Trimmell

I definitely need some GOT and Stranger Things!!! I LOVE this blog! Can’t wait for the next post! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this thing!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I of course want more watercolors and I’m really looking forward to variegated threads and solid fabric!!!


I would love to see more gothy fabric like skulls and roses but with the Fabric Anthropology awesome twist. I love the dark theme but I would love a more romancey gothy type fabric also… Solids! Cause I know Mel will come thru with great quality solids. From the blog would love to see more how to coordinate prints and patterns, ideas for fabric placing and obscure pattern companies. Great post!

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