The Light and the Dark

The Light and the Dark

The highly anticipated Harry Potter round is finally here! There are so many amazing designs, including House Splatter Stripes, Character and Quote panels (in Cotton Lycra AND Bamboo Lycra!), gorgeous Galaxy and House Crest Coordinates (in all of the FA bases you know and love!). and some of the most absolutely stunning Blanket Topper Sets EVER.

Because this amazing round features our Wrap Yourself Blanket Sets and Snuggle Up Blanket Sets, I thought it would be a good time to show you how I make a basic minky blanket. I have a Wrap Yourself Blanket Set (which is a 2 yard blanket topper and two yards of coordinating fabric sold as a set), but you can also sew this simple blanket with the Snuggle Up set (a topper measuring approximately 29" wide by 47" tall and coordinating fabric).

I always start by pre-washing and drying my Minky to rid it of the chemicals leftover from the printing process. Fabric Anthropology Minky is higher quality than minky that you might find at fabric stores, and it has no stretch and shouldn't shrink. This makes it easy to sew! 

Once I've got it all prewashed, I like to lay out my fabric nice and flat to prep it for pinning/clipping. In my opinion, this part takes the absolute longest -- barring any freak sewing machine accidents. You never know! Knock on wood.

I lay out my first piece of minky with the right side up. Straighten it out. Make sure it's nice and flat:

Note: This isn't an accurate representation of the color of these gorgeous Hufflepuff Stripes. My indoor lighting isn't strike off friendly.

Now I lay the coordinating minky (or in this case, my topper) on top, right sides together. Now I'll spend an hour (I kid.. maybe) flattening out all of the creases. Then I check my work, adjust and repeat. 

I might've adjusted mine a couple more times after taking this photo to make sure it was nice and even! 

Once I'm happy with my nice, flat, even fabric, I like to cut off the white edges of the topper. Once I've trimmed a side, I pin or clip that side so that it (hopefully) won't shift:


I only use clips. I. Clip. A. Lot. Then I run out of clips and start looking under my sewing desk, in my closet, and under the bed trying to find the missing ones. Seriously, though. Where do those things keep going? I stumble accross some more, finish clipping, and admire my handy-work!

Now I'm ready to carefully maneuver over to my sewing machine or serger. I prefer to use my serger unless I'm quilting. Check out this video in the FA Facebook group by the lovely Danielle Dubbelde of Homesewn Couture and watch her sew up a quilted Gryffindor blanket. She has some awesome tips for you! 

Now it's the perfect time to take one of those white scraps that we trimmed off before and make sure I don't need to change my machines settings. Test sew the scrap and make machine adjustments if needed. I've forgotten/skipped this step before and kicked myself for it! 

You can start sewing wherever you'd like, but make sure to leave a turning hole. I use a ¼" Seam Allowance for my blankets because I don't want to lose any more of my soft minky than I absolutely have to. Ready?! Here we go:

I like to keep my bag of clips handy to toss them back into as I remove them while sewing. Then I proceed to randomnly drop clips - by accident - onto the floor, solving my earlier mystery (oh...right.. thats how I keep losing them!).

Keep sewing! Don't forget to mark a place for a turning hole.

Once I'm all finished sewing I turn the fabric right side out, pushing out the corners as I go. 

Pin or clip the turning hole and topstitch the entire blanket, starting where the turning hole began. You can use a stitch from your sewing machine, but I like to use my coverstitch with coordinating thread:

How easy was that?! I can't wait to see everyone's gorgeous blankets. Here are some photos of mine:

Aren't these details absolutely stunning?!

Thanks for hanging out with me today! Leave me a comment below if you have any questions, comments, or tips for others on sewing with minky. 

The Light and the Dark is open NOW until August 11! 

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