Nightgown Hack

Hilo Nightgown Hack

With the end of the Oz round coming up this Sunday Nov 2, I wanted to share a quick hack I used to create the adorable nightgown modeled by my oldest daughter.

I immediately knew that my All Child Kansas panel needed to be a nightgown. What better piece of clothing to represent Wizard of Oz than something my daughter can dream in?! The only problem was that I didn't have a nightgown pattern that I liked in my pattern arsenal, so I decided to hack my own and I LOVE the outcome:

I started with the Hilo Tunic & Dress from Max&Meena Patterns. You can grab your copy HERE! 

The first thing I did was print, tape and cut my pattern. Then I took the front bodice piece and cut it down to where the High starts (see photo) and cut the back bodice to the same length:


You can cut the front at the side tab as I did in the first image (which was my trial run of the nightgown -- I can share photos of how that one turned out later!) or you can cut at the highest part of the "high" line, which is how I did it for the Kansas nightgown. Make sure to cut or fold up the "low" part of the back bodice (image 2) so it's the same length as the front.

At this point, you can sew as you normally would. Attach at the shoulders, add the sleeves or armbands and the neckband. Once it's all constructed, you'll want to measure the bottom "hem" and double it. This is how wide your bottom ruffle will be. I made my first one 6" long and my second one 10" long -- I preferred the longer ruffle. My size 6 Kansas nightgown ruffle was 10"x28"

Gather the ruffle and attach it to the bottom of the bodice. Hem and you're done! Excuse my dark indoor photo <3 How easy was that?! 

I hope you found this simple hack useful! It could be applied to other patterns, but I just love how it turned out using the Hilo. You can snag your copy here to recreate this look! 

Still with me? Leave me a comment below with your favorite item from the current preorder and I'll choose a winner for a $20 FA shop credit AND a copy of the Max&Meena Hilo!!

Don't forget that the gorgeous Oz Round is closing up Sunday November 2!

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  • I love the “oh my” panel. It would be fantastic as a panel for my daughter. She’s so fussy with her nighties but that M&M one would be the perfect pattern for her too!
    If it was for myself though I would definitely pick the pantie panel 😻😻

    • Brittany Edwards
  • I really love the Oz cityscape pattern. The colors are amazing. This blog post is great. My daughter is obsessed with nightgowns and there aren’t many patterns I’ve liked!

    • April miller
  • love the green hatch coord.

    • Tamara Richards