Probably getting gorgeously tanned in summer....

Whew! Hello, first time blogger over here and I’m nervous, so be kind to me. Ha! Let me introduce myself…My name is Jessica and I am part of the admin team for Fabric Anthropology. I typically run the sew a long pages (you can check out our adult SAL page here and our Jr. Sewist SAL page here) but I begged Michelle to let me take over and do a blog post 

Let’s talk summer…. Who here is ready for summer? Do you enjoy the heat? If you do, I have a cute little song for you to sing-a-long too: 

Okay, unlike like Olaf, I typically dread the Texas heat and the Houston humidity because lets face it...heat and humidity is not the greatest combo. When Kristi, the owner of George + Ginger, first previewed the Lollapalooza top, I just knew I had to have a million of them for summer. I like that this pattern was drafted for woven because I find that woven fabric typically breathes better than knit fabric. If you have not sewn up woven before, I know what you are probably thinking but let me put those fears to rest because there is nothing to be afraid of. Sewing with woven is not too different from sewing with knit. Knit typically tends to be very stretchy and woven has little to no stretch but other than that, it's not to difficult to deal with. When I first started sewing, I was very nervous to sew with woven and it was actually another George + Ginger pattern that got me to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new--and I'm so glad I did! I love sewing with woven now! 


What I love most about the Lollapalooza Top is how versatile it is. It’s great for when you are out and about with family but also for when you need a night out on the town with your significant other….or even your friends. Not to mention, this top looks FABULOUS on everyone. It’s made my confidence sky rocket. So, to say this top will  be a staple in my wardrobe would be a an understand. I already have a couple more cut out. 


This blue top was the first Lollapalooza top I made . 

If you are not in the George + Ginger pattern group, I highly recommend joining now so that you can get this wonderful pattern while it's on sale till Friday!!

Wanna shop directly on the George + Ginger website? Click on my affiliate link here!

If you made this far, thank you for reading! 

Have you ever been nervous to try a new sewing technique? What's your favorite type of fabric to sew with? Comment below for a chance to win a store credit to Fabric Anthropology!! 



I’m still a beginner so most things sewing make me a little nervous. I love sewing with French terry and DBP!

Jasmine macias

I’m nervous or more scared to cut into anymore fabric my machine has been giving me issues and ruining it hopefully I can get it worked out before plushie wars gets to me

Jennifer Seale

Greasy job! Sewing in elastic is my struggle butt I’m working on it. Lol!

Donna Johnson

I love sewing with DBP! I am currently nervous to try out my new coverstitch machine (still in the box until Summer Break, lol.)


I love bamboo Lycra and can’t wait to try some with FA prints!!!!

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