Just a little hack


I was using my (seriously gorgeous) strikes to work on the re-testing and promo of a dress you may already know. The dress formerly known as the drama dress, has been retired with its original designer and brought to Goober Pea Designs with some pretty awesome updates! The Danica dress is beautiful as is (seen right) and has tons of options! 

I have never been the type to leave well enough alone though. Seriously, what fun is that? I thought it'd be awesome to have the sash and a keyhole and a top length AND a snap closure.

Ambitious much? I know, I shake my head at myself 




I decided it would be awesome to briefly go over a general "how-to" do this yourself. This blog entry may require you to have some general know-how, but I hope you find this explanation useful enough to recreate this version if you so chose! 


Here's the back that these next photos will attempt to illustrate for recreation. 

Making the band

First things, first. Cut your band as indicated, but add 1/2". Also, cut little pieces of stabilizer to attach to the ends. My stabilizer was iron on, but I used the clips to illustrate the band folded in half. Sew along the edges.

Turn RSO, and get ready to button!

You can use any button option. I'm using my press in this step, but you can also use a button foot on your sewing machine for a standard closure. Heck, you could even sew a loop into the sides before you sew it shut and attach a button to the other side. I'm using fashion spring snaps on my press for this!

General tips

This part might be common sense, but I'd be amiss if I did not mention to make sure you measure the distance so your snaps line up! Don't ask me how i know to do this. Another thing I find helpful is using my seam ripper to poke the holes...because honestly, I can never ever find my awl.

Band complete

Once you are done assembling your band and happy with the aesthetic, you can now assemble to your top! Please follow pattern instructions for making the keyhole on this dress! 

Pin/Clip band. 

Now, I used my sewing machine here. You CAN use your serger, too! Serge or sew the band on!

Trim the nibs!

And tack the flap down. I thought using black thread would show better here, but it did not. Just make sure to tack that area down so it doesn't peak through too much!

Voila! You're all set!

You are done! If you like the shirt length, I made her a size 5 width and 6 length and cut off xx"! It really is a simple and fun hack and definitely helps creating ease in this version of the pattern! I hope you found this useful!

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