Dance Like a Mermaid

Dance like a Mermaid 

Summer is almost over and it's time for dance and gymnastics to start back up! Luckily, Made by Runi has us covered. The pattern of the week over at Made by Runi is the Dance Like a Mermaid leotard. You can get the pattern on sale - no code needed - through Midnight Monday September 3rd UTC+2. Grab yours here

My girls participate in gymnastics twice per week and it seems like we can never find their leotards when we're in a hurry to get ready to go, so when I heard the Dance like a Mermaid was going to be on sale, I jumped on the chance to sew one up! I decided to sew for my oldest and she chose the longer skirted version from some gorgeous Fabric Anthropology Galaxy Brushed Poly, which you can snag on the new retail site -- right here!. FA Retail is 10% off through 9/3 with code: laborday! 

I absolutely love the look of the Dance like a Mermaid leotard, and I have a soft spot for lined leotards so I decided to go ahead and modify it. Here's how:

First, I went ahead and cut my pattern pieces as directed (don't forget to add your seam allowance!), but I cut a second set of front and back bodices out of a lining fabric. I used swim lining, but in the past I've also used the same base as the main fabric. The lining is shown here in black:

Next, I sew the front and back bodice shoulders together for the main and repeat for the lining. Then lay the main fabric on top of the lining fabric, right sides together. It should look like this:

Pin or clip the neckline and sew all the way around the neck. Pull the main through the neckline and your bodice should look like this:

If you want to add sleeves, you can go ahead and add them now, but if you're doing a sleeveless version like I did, you need to finish lining the bodice. I use the burrito roll method (If my photos are hard to follow. I highly recommend using YouTube! There are some great tutorials for burrito rolls):

I like to pull the lining underneath the main fabric while right sides of the fabric are facing up. I'm starting with the left side

Roll the right/opposite side of the bodice until its in-between the main and lining of the side you're starting with (I'm starting with my left)

Pin or clip the arm opening main fabric to the lining for the left side. The right side is now sandwiched between the left lining and the left main

Sew or serge the arm opening and pull the fabric that's rolled up inside back out. Repeat last 3 steps for the other side.

You should have something like this:

Now that the neck and arms are lined, we need to finish the side seams. Start with one side of the bodice and pull the lining away from the main fabric 

Pin the back main of one side to the front main of the same side and pin all the way through the lining

Sew or serge and repeat for the opposite side

Turn right side out and your bodice is now lined!

Tip: Sewing your lined bodice to your skirt and bottoms can be tricky because you've added an extra layer of fabric. Go slow and make sure you get ALL of your pieces of fabric. Once you're done, though, you've got a gorgeous lined leotard for dance and gymnastics fun!

Make sure you grab your pattern and your retail before the end of the day Monday to take advantage of the sales!

And don't forget the Rerun Round Preorder is open now through the 8th! 

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