52 Week Challenge!

52 Week Sewing Challenge

Sponsored by Fabric Anthropology June 4-10, 2018


This week, Fabric Anthropology is sponsoring the 52 Week Sewing Challenge on Facebook. The 52 Week Sewing Challenge is a sewing support group where each week, a new sponsor and theme are featured. Throughout the week, members can either accept the themed challenge or venture off and sew something different. Each item sewn and posted in the giveaway thread within the group with a note saying "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" or "CHALLENGE REJECTED" is an entry to win a prize. The week of June 4-10 is sponsored by Fabric Anthropology, and our theme is collars! Make sure to play along because we're giving away a brand-new Brother 1034D Serger!!

 We are so thrilled to be joined by a few other AMAZING businesses who have agreed to co-sponsor with us this week; including Max&Meena PatternsGeorge & Ginger Pattern Group, and Goober Pea Designs. There are going to be TONS of prizes. Also -- make sure you're signed up to receive the Fabric Anthropology Newsletter! A special 52 Week Sewing Challenge edition is coming soon and its jam-packed with additional giveaway information and coupon codes.

Make sure to join Fabric Apothecary  to take part in the George and Ginger Drama Dress Sew-A-Long starting June 4!  We have some amazing prizes for you this week <3 
We're also featuring the Girls' Danica Dress from Goober Peas Designs over in Jr. Sewist Sew-a-longs and More! This Sew-A-Long is just for kids and is also starting June 4!

In honor of this weeks theme, I've worked up a special Crossover Hood to Collar hack for you! Max&Meena has generously decided to co-sponsor with us, and Jamie has given us a special coupon for 20% off all PDF patterns. Just enter this code at checkout: FA52WEEK 

You can shop for all Max&Meena patterns here.

The Max&Meena patterns I'll be sewing up for this blog are the All the Rage Romper and the Rozzlynn Dress, but the basic idea of this hack should be able to be used for other patterns with a crossover hood.

You won't need any extra materials and this hack just includes altering the existing pattern's crossover hood. Let's get started with the Rozzlynn pattern! 

Print and tape the existing hood. I made my collar 3" tall, but you can use any height you want. Just measure from the bottom and cut off the excess hood.

Here's what you'll be left with <3 

Cut off the curve plus a little extra. We're going to flip this piece over (bear with me! I promise you'll see why shortly!)

Take some scrap paper to even out the back curve. You want to be able to cut this piece on the fold, so we don't want the back curve. 

Trim off the excess. Ta-da!

Flip over the front curve piece you cut off before and re-attach. (You could also freehand this step)

You want to curve to be a little more even, and you want it to curve outward instead of inward, so take some more scrap paper and adjust your curve. 

This is what you want your collar piece to look like! 

Note that the longer side is the top and the shorter side is the bottom. The next step will be to cut your fabric!

Cut two collar pieces on the fold. Sew or Serge the top of your collar piece, right sides together with a ¼" SA.

Flip right sides out. Press your seam for a nice, crisp collar.

Line up the back middle of your collar with the back center of your bodice. Pin or clip in place.

**Please note, for this tutorial, I had already completed the remainder of the bodice, including attaching sleeves, sewing down the side seams, and hemming. This bodice is an altered Rozzlynn, where I've sized up one size and lengthened the bodice to be a basic t-shirt. I'd recommend following the tutorial for chosen pattern, and in place of the hood steps, following my collar hack steps. 

Pin or clip all the way around the neck opening. The collar will overlap most or all of the front bodice. Sew around the neck opening.

Flip right sides out and you're all done! 

This basic concept can be applied to all Max & Meena crossover hood patterns (as mentioned above!). You can shorten the collar to be less pronounced, or you can make it taller so it folds over for a totally different look. It's up to you! I've sewn up a couple others to share with you. Photos below:

Rozzlyn Dress with collar hack front view

Rozzlynn Dress Back View 

(Collar Hack)

Rozzlynn Dress Flat

The crossover hood neckline on the All the Rage Romper has a curved shape instead of the flat, straight shape of the Rozzlynn Hood and the Sunshine Suit Hood. You can still create the same collar, or you can follow these steps to achieve a slightly different look while still using and altering the existing hood piece.

Cut the collar 2.5-3" from the bottom, following the curve of the bottom neckline of the hood pattern. (You can do any height if you prefer a shorter, taller, or holdover collar)

Even out the curve so you don't have such a rough shape (see above the notch line)

All the Rage Romper Front View

All the Rage Romper Back View

All the Rage Romper Side View

The collar may appear wide, but remember, the All the Rage Romper is designed for the child to "enter" and "exit" the romper via the neck opening. I personally love this collar as an easy alternative to the neckband and hood option! For my next one, I think I'll double the height and have the collar fold-over for a different look.

Make sure to take advantage of the 20% off all Max&Meena PDF patterns, just use this code at checkout: FA52WEEK

Hacking patterns just not for you?! That's totally okay! Check out these awesome patterns with included collar options:

Kid's Danica Dress by Goober Pea Designs (sewing and photo credit to Amanda Cervantes)

Bimaa Sweater by LouBeeClothing on Easy

Girls Vivax Dress and Tunic by Sofilantjes

Drama Dress by George & Ginger (sewing and photo credit to Amanda Cervantes)

Drama Dress & Danica Dress (sewing and photo credit to Amanda Cervantes) 

Still with us?! Let me know which collared style you're going to try for the 52 Week Sewing Challenge in the comments to be entered to win a $20 Shop Credit to Max & Meena and a set of Fabric Anthropology Pattern Weights! Winners will be chosen at the end of the 52 Week Sewing Challenge and notified via email as well as announced in the main FA Facebook Group.

Disclaimer -- I love bringing you all new things! Affiliate links may be used within this blog post to help fund future posts and projects!


Nicole Frommann

Love the All The Rage Romper collar hack!!

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I love the tie collar on the little girl’s dress here. I ended up not doing a collar for the 52 week challenge. I did some color blocking though, and color almost sounds like collar. Close enough? ;) lol

Le' Darien Diaz

I love the collar hack. I just genuinely like that style.

Amanda Sullivan

I really like this hack! I saw this blog after I rejected this week’s challenge though! But I’ll be sure to try it sometime!

Mandi Heath

Loved this for the all the rage pattern!
Not sure how to upload a picture though?

Thank you for the hack!!

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