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Owner and Creator behind Fabric Anthropology

With a Passion for design and a love of all things fabric Melody strives to bring a uniquely personal experience to each customer!  Melody got her start in the custom world in 2015 with finished products under the brand Blue Dragons but constantly wanting more and driven by her passion for art and design opened Fabric Anthropology with a full line of fabric based around original art at the start of 2017 and introduced a custom thread line in 2018 as well as the expansion to Australia through a partnership with Thread Therapy Fabric!  Future plans exist for other additional lines to encompass exactly what customers truly desire from the custom experience~

“The best part of owning a fabric business is the ability to express myself through the designs and then watch as others are able to utilize what I offer to then express themselves through the craft of sewing.  It’s a truly unique experience to see something you work so hard to accomplish received and loved by people all over the world!”


Ive done art longer than I can remember, every kind of art I could try. This led me into the world of theatre where I studied costume design and art, and eventually makeup design for film. My dad joked that I would paint on anything that held still, then I started doing special effect makeup on humans that wouldn't hold still. In 2014 I transitioned from the world of film makeup into motherhood and started missing my art. My love of sewing and interest in the custom art world along with some encouragement from friends led me back to creating digital art for the textile world