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Holiday Retail

Merry Everthing & Happy Always

Holiday Retail

Bringing about change in what a custom fabric company is and setting new goals for what one can be.  With top notch Customer service, privately commissioned artwork that you wont find on any other custom fabric anywhere, turn around times that crush the industy standard, and a belief that the Customer always comes first.

Meet our Artists

Ludwig Van Bacon

What would happen if Tim Burton and Lisa Frank got together while Batman sat in the corner and watched? Apparently, the work of Ludwig Van Bacon. Ludwig Van Bacon, aka Justin McCafferty, is a 32- "going on 12-year old" from Senoia, GA who got laid off from an electronics repair depot and decided to sell his artwork full time. His belief that humans have a strong kinship to the movies of their youth, may just be the best thing that ever happened to him. Or to you, if you are a fan of Princess Bride, David Bowies fangirl favorite "The Labyrinth," "Edward Scissorhands," "BeetleJuice," "The Neverending Story" or Stephen Kings "IT." Which lets be honest, who isnt? Not to mention the 90s music and cultural nods like Kurt Cobain.

You can find Justins work available outside of fabric at

Bree O'Malley

Ive done art longer than I can remember, every kind of art I could try. This led me into the world of theatre where I studied costume design and art, and eventually makeup design for film. My dad joked that I would paint on anything that held still, then I started doing special effect makeup on humans that wouldn't hold still. In 2014 I transitioned from the world of film makeup into motherhood and started missing my art. My love of sewing and interest in the custom art world along with some encouragement from friends led me back to creating digital art for the textile world